Subject: gdb problems (NetBSD 1.4.2/Alpha)
To: '' <>
From: Martin Portmann <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/24/2000 21:34:55
   I recently installed NetBSD on a old DEC3000/300 (as far
   as I am aware NetBSD is the only OpenSource OS that supports
   this platform - right?).

   I am porting our application to the 64bit world. The applications
   is already ported to Windows NT, Solaris, AIX, HPUX, OpenBSD. But
   under NetBSD I have some problems with gdb.

   - Single step does not work. 'n' (next) always enters functions and
     hangs on function returns. So I am limited to setting
     breakpoints and using 'c' (continue).
   - Using a breakpoint at a function b [function] name stops
     at the starting of the function but will report wrong
     parameters. Another 'n' will not advance in the source
     but at least reports the parameter right.

   - gdb does not get confused with bit fields (always prints the
     whole byte(s))

   This is my first experience with NetBSD which is limited to
   this port. Are the above problems Alpha specific or perhaps
   tied to gdb version 4.17? Is there another place to get
   help or ask about this problems. All comments welcome ...

   Please CC all replies to me because I am not subscribed
   to this list.

   Thanks for your time

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