Subject: Re: Installing a 3000/300 without using the serial console
To: None <>
From: Paul Mather <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/18/2000 02:05:41
Wolfy wrote:

>         A more down-to-earth question, does anyone know where I could get
> a turbochannel 10baseT card for this machine (PMAD, I think they're
> called)? They're limiting the number of IP addresses we get on DSL next
> year so I could use a second interface to run ipnat.

Is the PMAD TC card supported on the 3000/{300,400,...} machines?  I
have a PMAD-A turbochannel ethernet card in my 3000/300, and I could
never get it to do anything under NetBSD.  It would always spit out
these "reg did not settle" messages during boot up, or whenever I would
try and use it.

Caveat: I did not try very hard to use it.

BTW, the card would pass all the PROM tests, so I am assuming its
hardware is not bad (maybe a big assumption).  Previously on the
supported turbochannel cards page on the NetBSD WWW site, it implied
that support was untested, but now I notice that caveat has apparently
gone.  Does anyone have a working PMAD-A card on their 3000/300?  If so,
what version of NetBSD are you running.



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