Subject: Re: Installing a 3000/300 without using the serial console
To: None <>
From: Wolfy <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/17/2000 21:33:40
	I have a DEC 3000/400 and some old PMAG cards, a PMAG-AA, and a
PMAGB-BA, haven't tried them with the console yet because I don't want to
lug the big monitor out here. Is console support in 1.4.2 or in -current? 
Or not at all on old cards such as these?
	Is supporting X on these cards conceivably like supporting X on
the 3000/300's built-in hardware (i.e. am I likely to see it around the
same time)? Would they just be framebuffer devices? I trust Xpmax can't be
recompiled for this purpose. It would be great to have X working on this
machine. Sadly my low-level coding skills are lacking. 
	A more down-to-earth question, does anyone know where I could get
a turbochannel 10baseT card for this machine (PMAD, I think they're
called)? They're limiting the number of IP addresses we get on DSL next
year so I could use a second interface to run ipnat.