Subject: Re: Installing a 3000/300 without using the serial console
To: Simon Richter <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/17/2000 20:23:13
> > I was hoping to get X up on it, but apparently, X won't work on the
> > Turbochannel boxes because of no mouse/keyboard support, yet?
> AFAIK the framebuffer type is unsupported. I'm working on getting XF86 to
> compile on those machines, but without too much luck yet.

OK.  What needs to be done.  I got the text mode working on the native
frame buffer in the beast, but X came to a screeching halt with the
unsupported frame buffer and frame buffer not found messages (or something
close to that).  I am not a great coding jock, but I can throw a good
monkey-wrench sideways into a test box, IFF I can get something to
mostly compile.

The machine is just sitting idle, otherwise...... a big waste for that
VRT-19HA monitor if it won't run X.....(:+{{.....