Subject: Aviator 2.4 / Raylink wireless cards driver problems in NetBSD-current/Alpha
To: Christian E. Hopps <>
From: Colin Surprenant <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/13/2000 10:46:26

With Charles latest pcmcia fixes to NetBSD/Alpha, my system
(AlphaServer 400/166) sees and initialize correctly my Aviator 2.4 card.

My problem is that my second Aviator card is installed in a Win98 laptop
and I can't have both machines communicate together.

My first question is: Is the driver known to be "working" in 
NetBSD/Alpha? Has it been tested or am I the first one to 
actually test it on the Alpha platform?

Also, Has anyone tested communication between NetBSD(i386/Alpha)
and Windows based machines with these interfaces? Is it possible that
a bug in the NetBSD driver might prevent proper communication?

The ray0 interface is my third interface in this system.  
I am doing ipf & ipnat between my two other interfaces. 
So far I don't think the problem is related to ipf nor any routing
issues. I have ruled that out by disabling all ipf/ipnat, disabling
all other interfaces etc.

The message I'm getting when trying to ping the other machine is:
ping: sendto: host is down

In terms of interface configuration, everything looks fine: I have
specified the same "nwid" in NetBSD and "ESSID" in Win98. the IP
configuration is straightforward and in NetBSD the interface is 
reported as being "active".

Any help will be appreciated.