Subject: WSS on Multia UDB
To: <>
From: John A. Maier <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/02/2000 19:02:00
I've been messing around with this "new" Alpha Multia and I've have   
interesting results.

My conclusion is that it a great support computer. I.e. low-end   
webserver, simple nfs server or mp3 player :-) etc.

Well I've compiled a list of problems/questions I have run into over the   
weekend at home...

1) mpeg123 is not Alpha-ized but amp works well as a mp3 player (FYI)

2) When I play any audio it has a hint of wavering.  I thought it was amp   
at first, but I played some of the wav files from wmsound and I can still   
here it!  Anyone else noticed this?  Is this just my Multia or all   
Multia? (BTW drq is 3)

3) Looking at the board it seems that there is at least 2 megs of video   
memory, so what's up with only 8bit video?  I realize it is not a NetBSD   
thing, since the startup video test is obviously 8bit.

4) I use wscons on i386 all of the time, how do I do virtual terms with   
the Alpha wscons?  I perform the exact same steps as I do for i386 and it   
doesn't like it!


John A. Maier
Kemper Military School and College
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