Subject: Another challenge...
To: None <>
From: HerbalGypsy/justbob <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 01/30/2000 20:21:38
Ok, so I have my 164 running sweet.
I went back to upgrade my 3000/300 running 1.3.1.
Got this new scsi drive, figured I would build it and install on the
3k, use the expansion box on the multia.

Now, i have been noted for my fumble I am extra careful.
But   ...  never quite careful enough I guess.

I blew away my usr partition on my 3k trying to format my new disk for
the 3k.
How did I do that? easy, newfs /dev/sd0d vice /dev/sd1d.

Ok, now I have no floppy on the 3k. I have no gunzip on it.

I have my basic drive (rz56) in an expansion cabinet.

No big thing, flipped it over to my multia, boot the multia off floppy,
to restore that install...

But, Mr. Murphy decided to hang around and help.
Floppy hangs after the 543....number shows up under the booting netbsd

So, I went back did another rawrite on a 1.3.1 floppy 1, floppy 2. 
Tried again.
Seems it gets half way thru the boot up and hangs. Light on the floppy,
no action going on reading the floppy....wait a long long time and no
message from
the system to change floppies.
wrote the floppies *new ones* on another pc using rawrite again, to make
sure it was 
not the floppy itself.
No luck so far.

So, I am fighting with this.

I do have an alternative way to fix it up...
I can hookup my ether too it, and move a copy of gunzip from the 164 to
the multia/3k.
I just have to go back and play with the 164 to ensure that my 3com
ether works
in it.

so, I guess I make my life interesting!
Why the note?
Is there anyother way to get tgz file apart properly without having