Subject: Supported modem speed on DEC 3000/300
To: None <>
From: Paul Mather <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 01/19/2000 11:52:08
Is it possible to drive a 56K external modem @ 115200 using the serial
port on a DEC 3000/300?  I remember a posting a while back saying the
interrupt handling code in the kernel had been re-jigged a bit, which
should vastly improve serial port throughput.

I'd be interested to know because currently my connection to the
Internet is via a flaky 9600 external modem connected to my DECstation
3100 running NetBSD/pmax 1.4.1 with ipnat enabled.  I'd like to buy a
56K modem for my DEC 3000/300 running NetBSD/alpha 1.4-current, and
switch duties over to that, instead.  (My ISP supports up to 56K.)

Speaking of buying an external modem for my DEC 3000/300, are there any
caveats?  Looking on eBay, I notice a lot of external 56K modems are
being listed as "Windows" modems.  Also, reading the fine print, I
notice some others use the Rockwell chipset.  I'm guessing all these
require a certain amount of the modem functionality to be done on the
host computer, via a special driver?  What are red flags to look for
when buying something that will work with my DEC 3000/300 under NetBSD?




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