Subject: RE: VGA cards and X
To: Todd Cohen <>
From: Andrew van der Stock <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 01/18/2000 12:52:35
What needs to happen:

inb() and outb() need to be supported. There were some patches from
FreeBSD-alpha. This is not as bad as many people think: as soon as the card
is in MMIO mode, inb() and outb() are no longer used as they are
significantly slower. Simon Burge was looking at these patches. Simon, do
you have a pointer to them? I remember a posting from last year that had
such a pointer, but that's well and truly left my archive now.

Finally, there's a bug with either gmake or gcc 2.91 (or both) on -current
that is causing the build of 3.9.17 to fail before anything is built. I
don't currently have the time to work around this bug, so the development is
stalled. For info, the bug also affects the sparc port as well, so it's not
just alpha specific. x86 1.3 can definitely build 3.9.17 as this is one of
the targets that is pre-built.


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> Subject: VGA cards and X
> Is there a place where I can find current information on the status of
> getting X to work with VGA cards? Like, what still needs to be done and
> what the problems are?
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