Subject: AlphaServer 400 4/166 install prob. w/ 1.4
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 01/13/2000 13:08:57
I was trying to upgrade my AlphaServer 4/166 to 1.4 last night...  booting 
off floppy to do a clean install/upgrade of the system.  1.3.2 booted fine 
off the single boot floppy, and installed/booted perfectly.  But...

When I boot the dual-floppy install for 1.4, it loads both floppies and then 
(apparently) when it starts the kernel running it gets:


(halt instruction) and bombs me back to the SRM prompt.  Is this a known 
problem, is it (perhaps) fixed in 1.4.1, or if not is there any more 
information that I could get that would help whomever it concerns to fix it??