Subject: -current snapshot on 3000-300XL
To: <>
From: Marcus Frey <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 01/12/2000 17:55:39

I recently got a DEC3000-300XL and installed the current binary snapshot.
Now I've got a few questions:

- The machine always asks for the root device (sd0a) when booting. I already
set the bootflags to 'a' and the bootdevice to DKA0, but with no success.
After asking the root device it boots to single user, "exit" then leads to
the normal multiuser boot. And yes, I have edited rc.conf.

- There is also a Turbochannel ethernet card (PMAD-AA, I guess) being
recognized as le1. Can I use it? The documentation says there are no
Turbochannel devices supported, is this still true for -current?

- I want to use the Alpha as a fileserver, therefore a fast network
interface would be nice. The builtin ethernet is 10BaseT, but I have a
switched 100BaseTX network. Are there any 100BaseTX Turbochannel network
cards? I know there are FDDI cards available, but I don't know how I can
attach FDDI to 100BaseTX, nor where to get these cards.

Maybe these questions are somewhat trivial, but this is my first netbsd
installation for quite a time. My last installation was 1.3 on a
Sparcstation-2, and I have no experience with Alpha hardware yet.