Subject: Re: 1.4P and new XP1000 - SCSI problems
To: None <>
From: Sven Dietrich <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 01/11/2000 14:38:58
> [ ross- this is pretty clearly in my court ]
> This is what I was worried about- Jason insisted on us downloading f/w
> by default and I wanted to default to not doing so- it looks like there's
> something about 4.65 (same feature set as 7.65, but no target mode and
> fixes bugs that show up with 7.64 under other alphas! :-)) that seems to
> be borking this XP1000.
> How are you booting this machine at all? Is this the install kernel?
> Can you boot another kernel and try a few test kernels for me?

I managed to boot it with the 1.4.1 install kernel (on a good
day with the right phase of the moon), the 1.4P install kernel
and the installed 1.4P kernel. (I am assuming you mean "install
kernel" = the one of the boot floppy, and I am asserting that
the "installed 1.4P kernel" is the one from the 19991223 snap
kern.tgz file).

When booted, it seems fine. It's not until I do heavy disk usage
(like the gunzip I described) that these errors appear.

I'll gladly try other kernels, since I can't use the machine as

*must* *prevent* *hand* *from* *loading* *the* *Tru64* *CD*