Subject: Free to a good home, EISA cards (some new)
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 01/10/2000 15:23:27
I'm sending this to you all since I have heard questions on this list looking ofr EISA cards before, please excuse the blanket post but I would hate to have to throw these cards away.

I have 5 Intel EtherExpress Flash32 Adaptors (RJ45, AUI & Coax on card)
All are new and unused (only one is in the anti-static wrap as the other wraps have been stolen.)

In the same box is a single Adaptec AHA-2742-T SCSI card which is a dual SCSI card (two single ended busses) + a floppy controller (which can be disabled)

These are free to the first taker(s)  It would be best if you could come and pick them up from my office (in Milpitas CA) but I will ship at cost (local pickup get priority since shipping is a pain here ;)  If the NetBSD core group needs them I can ship off the box, as I said before, I just hate to see good hardware go in the trash.

eMail me with any questions.

Sean J. Schluntz