Subject: Re: More pyxis/500a info..
To: Jeff Roberson <>
From: Matthew Jacob <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 01/03/2000 22:44:27
Ummm- the same trick is used in a number of places- it may be that we all
die here because we're fooling with CIA setup that the prom is using, but
I'm a bit rusty at this end of the code for NetBSD to know for sure.

There've been a lot of unexplained issues/problems with a lot of this
goop- I'll be looking at the 8200 breakage this week or next (finally) to
try and fix that end of it.

Have you tried commenting this code out (i.e., forcing the rev to > 1)?

On Mon, 3 Jan 2000, Jeff Roberson wrote:

> So I found out the exact line that my machine hangs on.  It's in
> cia_dma_init (cia_dma.c) at aproximately line 215.  The line reads:
>                     CIA_PCI_WnBASE_SG_EN | CIA_PCI_WnBASE_W_EN;
> I found this simply by adding printf's here and there around suspicious
> portions of code.  Interestingly enough, if I comment this out the kernel
> boots, but I don't know how reliable it is.  I'll try installing from this
> kernel in a bit.  Anyway, would anyone care to guess at why this causes my
> machine to hang?
> Thanks,
> Jeff