Subject: RE: compat_osf1 troubles with 1.4.1
To: 'Oliver Frick' <>
From: Tom Haapanen <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 01/02/2000 16:52:39
Oliver Frick wrote:
> i think, its UFS. I mount the CD-ROM with
> mount /dev/cd0a /mnt
> (i have a SCSI-CDROM on SCSI-ID 4 / Alphaserver 800)

Tried that just now ...

stratos 136 # mount /dev/cd0a /mnt
mount_ffs: /dev/cd0a on /mnt: incorrect super block
stratos 137 # 

Either it doesn't like an IDE CD-ROM (or the old CD is incompatible with a
new drive?), or my CD-ROM is damaged.

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