Subject: Netbooting issues
To: NetBSD Alpha port mailing list <>
From: Wes Kurdziolek <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 01/01/2000 10:34:09

	I'm trying to netboot a DEC 3000/300X into the NetBSD 1.4.1
installation w/ the latest stable version of Debian GNU/Linux (version
2.1r4, AFAIK). I've installed the base system and have *only* added the
netbase package which provides the BOOTP, TFTP, and possibly the FTP
servers I'll need to netboot and install. My issues are:

1) How do I set up the BOOTP server? I've read the documentation on on the Alpha port pages, but I'm still a little fuzzy on
what I need to modify/add in/to /etc/bootptab and /etc/inetd.conf. I
thought I configured /etc/inetd.conf corretly, but the BOOTP server
doesn't seem to start.

2) How do I set up the TFTP server and the file(s) it's supposed to serve?
Again, I've read that documentation as well on, but it's
not really geared towards readers who've never done this sort of thing
before. I think I'm supposed to modify /etc/inetd.conf for the TFTP server
to run on my machine, but I've tried that and it doesn't seem to start the

3) Should I install from an NFS or FTP server? I'm not sure, but I think
the netbase pacakge includes a small FTP server. It'd be cool to get some
experience w/ NFS, though, so what do I need to do to configure that
correctly? It should be easy enough to download and set up: apt is great!

4) Is there anything else I'm missing here? I've never done this before;
almost all of my experience is w/ PC-class machines. Any assistance is
greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

Wes Kurdziolek at VA Tech ( at home

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