Subject: Re: another dumb question]
To: alpha <>
From: None <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/30/1999 14:55:12
In message <>, shsrms/aka/shsrms writes:
>I picked up a 21164 MB, 4 PCI, 2 EISA slots. 500MHZ 231164a, etc.
>ATX PS connector.
>What box does this go into?

This sounds like it might well be the PC164 board.  2 serial ports?

>Any opinions as to the problems doing that?
>I could also pick up an ATX box, with an external (on back) on off
>switch, with
>the proper PS connector!!  That would be easier, but does not say
>Digital on the

The main thing to watch for is that the external switch has to actually force
the power on; you can't be depending on soft power.  (Alternatively, just
solder the green wire and the black wire that are next to each other