Subject: Final question for DEC 3000/300x
To: None <>
From: Jon Lindgren <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/24/1999 07:53:42
After a few troubles, I managed to get 1.4.1 installed on my 3000/300x
boxes.  Thanks to all for pointers!

A final question.  Technically, do these machines run an SRM or the old
VAX PROM?  It looks like a hybrid, yet I'm tempted to call it an SRM...

I was able to netboot the machine using SRM 7.0 (thanks to comments on using "vm=rfc1048" on bootptab).  I also
had some problems with the SRM security, but figured out how to bypass
this.  I've put up a page at
(go to DEC Alpha on the left) which has pictures, boot messages, etc...  I
plan to put up some tips and jumper descriptions tonight.  If anyone has
any other tips or experiences with these boxes, I'd appreciate it if you'd
drop me a line at either address below.

These boxes are beautiful.  And so is NetBSD :-)

Thanks again, all!

-Jon Lindgren
 "Xyzzy!  You're a duck!",