Subject: RE: XFree86 SVGA Server
To: port-alpha <>
From: Andrew van der Stock <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/22/1999 09:13:13
I'm the one who said rather rash things about starting work on it. Dan has
got my Alpha up and running very nicely and proven that it has staying
power. I just need another (longish) ethernet cable so we can all work
comfortably in my computer room.

I now have 3.9.16d but I need to start getting that sucker to compile. I
will be going for the modular driver rather than using the fbdev stuff as
the modular Xservers are more common right now. fbdev would be a good thing
to get stuff like tga bootstrapped using a more modern architecture than the
old X server. Either way, you should see speed increases.

Simon Burge noted that he had a set of patches to allow inb()/outb(); these
will be necessary until the cards are placed in MMIO mode. Simon, how are
these going?


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: Subject: Re: XFree86 SVGA Server
: > From: David Hopper <>
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: > Please forgive my ignorance of all things platform-independent, but
: > what would it take to implement an SVGA server for NetBSD-Alpha?  If
: > Xfree86 claims to have Alpha binaries already, to what platform are
: > they referring?  Linux?  FreeBSD?  (the statement in question is in
: > the release notes at
: >
: >
: > Is it a simple recompile?  I know the answer is 'no', or someone would
: > have done this three years ago...
: >
: > Dave
: A fine question, and one that was extensively discussed here just a few
: weeks ago in mid-October. See:
: A couple of people volunteered to work on it, perhaps they could respond
: with more detail???