Subject: Re: PWS 433a (Miata) question about SRM
To: Olaf Seibert <>
From: Andrew Gallatin <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/20/1999 11:26:01
Olaf Seibert writes:
 > In the AlphaBIOS setup I selected the SRM for Digital Unix (that seemed
 > a better choice than SRM for OpenVMS). When I next powered down and up,
 > the SRM came up, but it told me there was an unsuppored card in slot 4,
 > and would I please remove it before it would do anything else.
 > The card in slot 4 was the video card (S3 864).

 > But my main question is: how can I use the SRM with the video card that
 > I have? It works well enough to show the countdown and the error
 > message,I don't see any reason why the SRM would have any trouble with
 > it. Besides, I obviously want to use the machine with wscons and X, not
 > headless.

This is happening because you have a miata with one of the buggy pyxis 
revs.  Move the card to one of the 32-bit slots which is behind a ppb
& the SRM will no longer complain.

Or, if you are feeling brave, set the SRM console variable
'pci_device_override' to the PCI device id followed by the PCI vendor
id of your card.

Eg, something like this: 

>>> set pci_device_override 0x88c05333



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