Subject: Re: SRM 3.5-72
To: Jon Lindgren <>
From: None <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/15/1999 08:48:12
I had a problem booting off of the floppy as well with whatever firmware mine
came with. I upgraded the firmware and it worked then. I still had floppy soft
errors like Jon was saying but I could still boot. Unfortunately, this machine
worked like a charm for like 2 days then I decided to reboot it < dont ask me
why > and it never came back up :( just be very careful what you do to the
little bastards they are really volatile.

Tony Hernandez *NIX Administrator
1990 CRX DX Black stock - 1/4 ??
1987 Suzuki Swift GTi 1300 - 1/4 13.9

On 15-Nov-99 Jon Lindgren wrote:
> On Mon, 15 Nov 1999, Todd Whitesel wrote:
>> I borrowed a multia and it already had SRM in it:
>> version              BL3 X3.5-72 Nov 30 1994 18:22:35
>> I haven't tried booting NetBSD on it yet (need to make a cannon fodder boot
>> disk first), but in the meantime I was wondering if there was any compelling
>> reason why I should upgrade the firmware ?
> Unless anyone else knows a reason, I believe the general thought is "don't
> fix what ain't broke."  I know some later versions can be rather
> tempermental, so if it works it's usually better to let it lay.
> On the other hand, until I upgraded my multia's srm, I couldn't boot from
> floppy (it kept dying with floppy read errors)... hopefully you'll be OK.
> -Jon Lindgren
>  "Xyzzy!  You're a duck!"