Subject: RE: DEC 3000/500
To: Aleksandar Ilic <>
From: Joao Pedras <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/12/1999 00:33:25

I dd'ed cdhdtape into a tape and booted from there.

Tkx 4 cdhdtape ; )


On 11-Nov-99 Aleksandar Ilic wrote:
> How to install NetBSD on Dec 3000 without floppy?? I have
> instalation of NetBSD on local ftp server. And one more question : How to
> make bootable CD for NetBSD. Can I do it from Linux?? Right now I don't
> have any BSD box around:( only Linux and NT
>                                               FlyLord
>                                           Ilic Aleksandar

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                                            O O
Sent on 12-Nov-99 at 00:32:43
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