Subject: [comp.sys.dec] It's Official - Hobbyist Tru64 Unix!
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From: John Kohl <jtk@Rational.Com>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/05/1999 08:50:47
Could be useful to get legal copies of shared libraries for binary

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From: Chris Petersen <>
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Subject: It's Official - Hobbyist Tru64 Unix!
Date: 4 Nov 1999 16:00:14 GMT
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Well, something I know a bunch of us have been waiting for is about to be
announced: a non-commercial license for Tru64.  Caught wind of this on the
Register this morning, surprised I haven't seen anything here about it

The URL:

As previously mentioned in this group, there is a $99 fee that apparently
covers the necessary third-party royalties.

Kudos to the Q for this one!


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