Subject: Re: Floppy and EB164's
To: Andrew van der Stock <>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/04/1999 17:28:58
Andrew van der Stock writes:
> My other issues are
> * a lack of case circulation (I'm going to get a massive case fan and see if
> that'll improve things)
> * netbooting doesn't work (not a biggie now that the floppy works)

My SMC is recognized by srm, but it reads the MAC address wrong.  I put a
second entry into /etc/dhcpd.conf and it resolved that.

It appears that 'netboot' fails if the dhcp response is too large, I have
to comment out a number of things to get it to work. (router/dns, etc)
I need to get a trace before I can be sure what is happening though.

> * and finally getting the SRM to remember things between boots

I'm assuming this is the battery, mine does the same thing.  If I'm
confused, I'd love to hear the fix.. :)

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