Subject: Got it going. A doco update is required
To: None <>
From: Andrew van der Stock <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/24/1999 16:01:45
Hi there,

I got my PC164 going. I made it go by dd'ing the cdhdtape image to the
beginning of the disk. This then makes the disklabel really wrong. The
install notes for the next release should indicate the steps required to
get a working disklabel before starting sysinst. In my case, I did the

setup the network
dropped out to a shell
looked at /kern/bufmsg for the geometry
created a new disktab on another machine
ftp'd it to /etc/disktab
disklabel -w -r <disktabEntry> <label>

Or even better, sysinst should be modified to generate disklabels from
/kern/bufmsg without reference to current geometry. 

Since I'm working on getting XFree86 going (I have 3.9.16c unpacked
now), I don't really have time to do the sysinst work, but I could
provide a patch for the documentation. 

My floppy works fine under NetBSD but not from the SRM console. I don't
know why. 

I couldn't get netbooting working even using bootpd. So I gave up. I
don't why this is the case.