Subject: Re: netbooting my PC164
To: Ted Lemon <>
From: Andrew van der Stock <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/23/1999 02:50:48
Ted Lemon wrote:
> Try adding an ARP table entry for that IP address and MAC address.

Did that, didn't help. I've finished configuring DNS, and that doesn't
help either. Frustrating.

I've just noticed that Caldera in their infinite wisdom don't actually
provide a tftp server or a bootpd server either for that matter, even
though both are mentioned and uncommented in /etc/inetd.conf by default.
ARGH! grumble. Inetd might not have been spawning off the necessary
bits. ARGH! Time to mail Caldera. 

I'm going to try my Windows 2000 box with a bootp/tftp server there. My
old old alpha workstation 200 was scavenged for it's ethernet card, so
you can sort of see my dilemma.