Subject: TGA and NetBSD/alpha
To: None <>
From: R. C. Dowdeswell <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/21/1999 15:21:21
Well, since there has been a bit of recent interest in the TGA
Xserver and its speed, I've put up a bleeding edge compiled X server
on my web site.  It was actually compiled under 1.4_ALPHA (yes,
I've been meaning to bump to a release version.) and I've been
running a most of my tests under 1.3K.

This weekend I am planning to make my build/test environment a bit
more sane so that I can properly test the changes that I've made.
Once I've done that I'll put snapshots on and commit
some source for it.

But, in the meantime if you're really interested you can have a sneak
peak at what I'm doing:

Here are some x11perf numbers for it on one of my Multias.  If you
run it on anything but a Multia you'll probably see much better
results.  (It is a 21066 at 166MHz, after all.)

$ x11perf -copywinwin500
    800 reps @   8.9146 msec (   112.0/sec): Copy 500x500 from window to window
$ x11perf -rect500      
   2000 reps @   2.6053 msec (   384.0/sec): 500x500 rectangle
$ x11perf -rop GXxor -rect500
   1000 reps @   5.4364 msec (   184.0/sec): (xor) 500x500 rectangle
$ x11perf -complex100
   8000 reps @   0.6710 msec (  1490.0/sec): Fill 100x100 equivalent complex polygons
$ x11perf -fitext    
  48000 reps @   0.1184 msec (  8450.0/sec): Char in 80-char image line (6x13)
$ x11perf -seg10 
 100000 reps @   0.0524 msec ( 19100.0/sec): 10-pixel line segment

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