Subject: Re: XFree86 on NetBSD/alpha
To: None <>
From: Bernd Ernesti <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/21/1999 21:58:10
On Thu Oct 21 08:14:51 1999, Andrew van der Stock wrote:
> I've rejoined Xfree86. My alpha is close to being built. I'm going to hack
> that sucker until she works. I didn't know that FreeBSD/alpha had support
> for XFree86, I'll look into that.

Btw, we should work on the 3.9.x tree and not on the 3.3.x tree.

The 3.9.x tree looks better to get it working on non i386-archs and we
anyway need to port the xserver to that version.

So it is better to start with 3.9.x and forget about the 3.3.x tree.
The 3.9.x has allready a some code for the tga cards.

At the moment we only have the 3.3.x tree in our xsrc.
So we need to plan when we change to the 3.9.x tree or maybe make a 2nd
tree besides to the xsrc tree.

Switching to 3.9.x means that all our custom xserver code needs to be
ported to the new version.
This would affect the folling ports: alpha, amiga, arm32, mac68k, macppc,
pmax, vax and x68k

Btw, further discussion about what we do with the new 3.9.x should go to
another list. Any susgestions which one we should use?
tech-misc? hmm, we have no tech-xsrc.