Subject: Re: where can I fond multia hardware ?
To: (Tobias Ernst) <>
From: None <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/15/1999 10:01:54
So you cant use a PCI video card in a multia in NetBSD? Hrmmzz  It's not like
it will be my workstation or anything but it would be nice to use a different
video card in it for some better graphics .. more info ?


Tony Hernandez  

On 15-Oct-99 Tobias Ernst wrote:
> HAllo!
>  BG> It's the equivalent cable from an Apple PowerBook 1400. I'd expect
>  BG> that most laptop manufacturers will probably carry a similar part,
>  BG> and you could probably talk an authorised repair shop into ordering
>  BG> one and selling it to you.  (The price quoted above is probably in
>  BG> Australian dollars, so it's probably about $30 or so US).
> Still a little bit expensive, I paid about 4$ for mine.
>  >> Finally, he will probably have to upgrade the firmware of his Multia 
>  >> for the ARC or SRM consoles to recognise the IDE controller and allowing 
>  >> him to boot from the IDE disk.
>  BG> I didn't think it was possible to boot from the IDE controller using
>  BG> SRM on a multia (and I don't think it's possible to boot NetBSD from
>  BG> ARC). Have I missed something?
> Admittetly I have not tried to boot NetBSD from the disk. As long as the
> NetBSD
> TGA X-Server is as slow as it is currently, I am forced to use a PCI Video
> Card
> in that box, which in turn forces me to use XFree, which in turn forces me to
> use Linux. Though I would like *BSD better, of course.
> However, all Linux Multia Howtos stated that it was impossible to boot from
> disks (no matter if using SRM or ARC), but I tried and upgraded the firmware,
> and voila, I could boot via ARC. So I concluded that chances are that if one
> upgrades the SRM firmware to the same level, it would also be possible to
> boot
> NetBSD via SRM from an IDE disk. This is just a speculation, however.
> Viele Gruesse,
> Tobias

Date: 15-Oct-99
Time: 10:00:04

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