Subject: Re: REVISED:Laptop Hardrive cables [Please smack me](was: where can I fi
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From: Andrew F. Seila <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/14/1999 23:20:07
Yes.  That is right.  The other four pins are for jumpers, I believe.
I left them alone and connected the connectors on the drive to those on
the motherboard using a 44-pin ribbon cable, and all worked fine.  I had
to use some trial-and-error to get the connectors plugged in the right

I got a ribbon cable from a local computer shop.  The owner ordered it
for me, so I don't know exactly where he got it. 

You can get firmware upgrades from

The latest firmware upgrade is a couple of years old  now, but it was
newer than the firmware version that came with my Multia.

Good Luck!  

Andy Seila

On Thu, 14 Oct 1999 wrote:

> Im sorry again but the connector on the board is 44 pins and the connector on
> the hard drive has 44 pins + 4 extra pins over to the right side of the drive
> about a couple of "pin lengths away". does this sound right ?
> cheers
> Tony Hernandez
> On 15-Oct-99 wrote:
> > OKie dokie ... I finally figured this one out.. < slap me now please > the
> > laptop hardrive was bundled in quite a nice little package that was obviously
> > a
> > tray for the hard drvie to slide into the laptop. I took it off and now I'm
> > in
> > buisness all I need is the cable that goes from the board to the hard drive
> > one
> > side < on the hard drive >  has like 2 more rows of pins < 4 pins total >
> > this
> > is most obvioulsy for the power to the hard drive. So there you have it race
> > fans .. I'm the one who was crazy :) Now -- cables ... I need some.
> > 
> > cheers
> > 
> > Tony Hernandez
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