Subject: Re: where can I fond multia hardware ?
To: (Tobias Ernst) <>
From: None <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/14/1999 21:30:28
So where can I get this upgade for the firmware ? I think it does have 40 & 44
not 44 & 44 though..


Tony Hernandez

On 12-Oct-99 Tobias Ernst wrote:
> Hallo!
>  >>I'm looking for cables to connect a laptop hard drive to the IDE 
>  >>controller inside my multia as well as a power source of some kind for it 
>  U> What you need is a special connector which has a 44-pin port on one 
>  U> end, and a 40-pin EIDE connector and a power cable on the other.  
> No, this is exactly NOT what he needs. The multia has (only) a 44-pin
> notebook
> connector on the mainboard, directly below where the notebook hard disk can
> be
> mounted. So he needs a 44 pin to 44 pin cable, of approx. 5 centimeters at
> length. This cable is both for data and for power; power comes directly from
> the mainboard.
> Such a cable is *a lot* harder to get than a cable like you are thinking
> about.
> A hint is to look at Amiga hardware suppliers, because the Amiga 1000 (?)
> also
> needs such a cable to connect IDE harddisks. I got my cable from
> (click on the Amiga section, they also ship to abroad), but
> there are also some resellers in the U.S. that sell such cables.
> I would also advise to get antistatic foil or something to put between the
> bottom of the hard disk and the metal surface of the hard disk "holder".
> There
> is only about 1 millimeter of distance in between ...
> Finally, he will probably have to upgrade the firmware of his Multia for the
> ARC or SRM consoles to recognise the IDE controller and allowing him to boot
> from the IDE disk.
> Regards,
> Tobias

Date: 14-Oct-99
Time: 21:29:22

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