Subject: Re: tga graphic cards
To:, Ross Harvey <>
From: Joerg Czeranski <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/14/1999 12:49:21
Ross Harvey wrote:
> [quotes deleted]
> I've said it before but once again: we really do need a volunteer
> willing to work on X for NetBSD/alpha. It has always been on my list,
> but has never made it to top priority, so I've never even started work
> on it and I'm not sure if that will ever change. (I always think I can
> start in a month or two, but it's always at .+2.)

A few years ago I wrote a kernel driver and an X11 hardware module for
the Millennium I for Dec/Tru64 Unix 4.  It maps a frame buffer via DEC's
/dev/ws0 instead of XFree-like direct hardware access.

It's still a prototype in some respects, but I've been using it as :0
all the time (the console is a serial VT).

Is there any chance of porting it to NetBSD?  What kernel infrastructure
is used or provided by the TGA driver/server?

I already have a spare Millennium for my NetBSD box (AlphaPC164),
but I haven't yet found any relevant documentation or guides for
the driver.

For DEC's documentation have a look at
"Writing a Graphics Device Driver and DDX for the DIGITAL UNIX X Server".