Subject: Re: tga graphic cards
To:, Simon Burge <>
From: Joerg Czeranski <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/14/1999 13:17:24
Simon Burge wrote:
> [...]
> > At this point, I think we really must go with (2). (BTW, note that a
> > partial-(2) has become easier recently, as BWX-capable alphas are a larger
> > fraction of our user base these days.)
> This is 21164 and up, right?
> [...]

It's 21164A and up, i.e. those 21164 in the upper half of the MHz range
(333 and up?).  They're used on PC164 and PC164LX, while
other boxes (the AS200?  Not sure, at least the NT-only XL) use
a plain 21164 without BWX.  21164 = ev5, 21164A = ev56.
I think the 21164PC is also a ev56 with BWX, as it's roughly the
same age and MHz range.