Subject: Re: AXPpci-33: kernel stack not valid halt...
To: Marc Gutschner <>
From: Berndt Josef Wulf <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/05/1999 21:34:39
Marc Gutschner wrote
> Hi all!
> Recently I've extended my collection of architectures capable of running
> NetBSD by purchasing 2 EBP20-AA (AXPpxi-33 w/ 21066@166 MHz) I've added
> some pretty standard components (S3 PCIVGA, 3C905, 64 MB RAM, 2 GB SCSI
> HD, TZK10 Streamer). Now, if I boot the 'cdhdtape'-Image from the TZK,
> the primary boot loader comes up, spits some 'Can't send rewind command
> to <tape-id>' while the tape auto-rewinds, prints two '+' and a '.' on
> the console and crashes with
> 	kernel stack not valid halt
> 	PC=0
> This may not be the exact wording of the message, but the machine is
> currently at home and I am not :-)
> I also tried booting with the floppies and 'dd'ing the image to the HD -
> all with no (positive) result :-(
> Now, just to verify that I have a basically working config, I installed
> Digital UNIX 3.2C on this machine and it works (albeit terribly slow -
> no 2nd Level cache and unknown console device :-()
> Before I go out and buy a handful of SRAM chips to populate the 2nd
> level cache I wanted to verify that this bugger will run NetBSD with
> this config.
> Now to my question: Is it possible that the missing 2nd Level cache
> causes the problem I'm seeing here?

Hmmm, sounds strange as I've never had any serious problems in installing
NetBSD on a AXPpci33 of similar configuration - just faster... ;)

My suggestion would be to check the SRM console version and, if needed,
upgrading to the latest version available from the 
(5.4 by memory which also contains a console for AXPpci (noname)

BTW: I am using second hand 15ns cache chips from old Intel
motherboards which shouldn't cost you anything... Just look around at
a computer recycler... ;)

hope this helps

cheerio Berndt
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