Subject: Re: warning: /dev/console not found ?!?!
To: None <, skreitman@Legato.COM>
From: Ross Harvey <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/04/1999 11:18:52
> From: Stuart Kreitman <skreitman@Legato.COM>
> In my inch-by-inch progress towards NetBSD on a PWS 433Mhz, I installed a
> 3com 509 and managed to do an ftp install through a dsl line.  However,
> the system remains unusable, the last message after reporting nice things
> like devices and disk filesystems is:
> warning: /dev/console not found.
> I'm booting off the com port, with no graphics card online.

Sounds like you did a hand install, instead of sysinst one, but you
didn't follow the instructions (I know, the install doc is huge) about
running MAKEDEV. Note that if your drive is mounted on /mnt, you need
to cd /mnt/dev and run MAKEDEV there, not in /dev. Or, do it in single-
user mode after booting.