Subject: Re: AlphaPC 164SX I/O shield
To: None <,>
From: Ross Harvey <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/04/1999 09:36:23
> From: Bill Sommerfeld <>
> > I'm trying to locate an I/O shield to accommodate my AlphaPC 164SX in a
> > standard ATX chassis . . Can anyone tell me how to get one?  I have the
> > specs for the I/O module (from the AlphaPC 164SX Motherboard User's Manual)
> > in case the only way is to have one custom made.  (If the latter is the
> > case, any suggestions of who to contact for that?)
> For the pc164 I built recently, the case I got had two shields; one of
> them was "closer" to right; I took that one and did surgery on it with
> a dremel.  this may be your best bet..
> 					- Bill

It's odd, I thought the theory behind ATX cases was that the I/O shield
would come with the system board. Anyway...

You can buy a reasonably cheap hand widget called a "nibbling tool" that
can easily cut both the I/O shields and even the cheap steel in the case.

If you want the EMC shield, you can also kludge it together with copper tape.