Subject: Re: NetBSD/Alpha CDRs
To: None <,>
From: Ross Harvey <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/30/1999 21:34:19
> >> Anyway, when Ross gets the bootable 1.4.1 CD here I'll send you a copy.
> >> 
> >Hi Bob,
> >I got a problem. It seems impossible to install NetBSD on Multia according
> >to
> >Well, this is not exactly true since Multias has OSF/1 and OpenVMS
> >firmwares, but OSF/1 did not work well (my poor monitor could not display
> >properly). I have not tried OpenVMS yet, but I expect the same result
> >(video/screen problem). I tried MILO, which did not work as netbsd faq says.
> >So... I guess I do not need Ross' ElTrito 1.4.1 CD-ROM. (it's not cd-rom
> >bootable anyways). 
> >
> >I really appreciate if you give me some Multia specific installation method.
> >I don't want to give up quickly, but I do not want to waste my invest at the
> >same time; i.e. just install Debian. ...
> >
> >Hey, wait, i just visited 
> >
> >I guess I got some idea. Ok, I will read the doc all over again and let you
> >know the outcome. In any case, if you give me a hint, I'm using Multia +
> >internal scsi harddisk + scsi cdrom (just for installation). I made a dos
> >partition (8MB) on harddisk and put milo and cdhdtape, which did not help
> >to boot the system (and the firmware is not capable of cdrom boot). I really
> >appreciate if you give me any suggestion instead of sending another cdrom.
> >Sorry for too much ranting.

We don't use MILO.

I'm puzzled by the comments on OSF/1 not working with the monitor. The
Multia display modes are jumper-selected, so, unlike VGA cards with their
multiple SW-selected modes, it seems like if SRM can drive the monitor,
then OSF/1^WDU^WTru64 could drive it too. I don't think the Multia will
shift sync frequencies at the FW/OS handoff quite like the PeeCee does.

Anyway, perhaps you should unplug the kbd and hook up a serial console, at
least until you get installed. This is now in the main faq.

I guess you don't have a dec cd drive, and you didn't get lucky with the
compatibility intersection. Why not just make a floppy from the included
floppy image, as described by the included instructions, and boot that?
Those instructions are provided in html, postscript, unix- more/less
enhanced, and in plain old ascii. They are on the CD and on the ftp site.

The DOS partition (Really? How did you do that?) is a mistake. Boot the CD
or the floppy. If the existing partition confuses the rather feeble sysinst
program, just go to a shell, and wipe the drive with a command like:

	dd bs=10k count=10 if=/dev/zero of=/dev/rsd0a

The alpha install instructions describe both sysinst installs and how to
install from the shell. Really, installing NetBSD/alpha is _easy_.  Usually,
the sysinst program can do it all for you, but even from the shell, it's
just a simple matter of running disklabel(8), newfs(8), unpacking the
distribution tarballs, and running installboot(8). (OK, it IS annoying to
hand-edit the disktab(5), and even with its completely lame partition
editor, sysinst helps a lot right there.)

We _even_ describe how to fix failed Multias.  Scott Lindenthaler and I
have fixed five of them so far for our friends and associates. What more
could you really want? :-)

P.S. If you still can't get it to go, one advantage of the serial console
is that you can capture the install attempt and mail it in.