Subject: Re: NetBSD/Alpha CDRs
To: port-alpha <>
From: Bob Nestor <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/30/1999 20:39:06
Can someone on the port-alpha mailing list help out here?  I sent Takashi 
a copy of Ross's bootable NetBSD 1.4/Alpha CD and he's trying to get it 
up and running.  My systems are Mac68k, MacPPC and i386 so I'm not much 
help to him with his Alpha questions.


Takashi Ishihara  ( wrote:

>> Anyway, when Ross gets the bootable 1.4.1 CD here I'll send you a copy.
>Hi Bob,
>I got a problem. It seems impossible to install NetBSD on Multia according
>Well, this is not exactly true since Multias has OSF/1 and OpenVMS
>firmwares, but OSF/1 did not work well (my poor monitor could not display
>properly). I have not tried OpenVMS yet, but I expect the same result
>(video/screen problem). I tried MILO, which did not work as netbsd faq says.
>So... I guess I do not need Ross' ElTrito 1.4.1 CD-ROM. (it's not cd-rom
>bootable anyways). 
>I really appreciate if you give me some Multia specific installation method.
>I don't want to give up quickly, but I do not want to waste my invest at the
>same time; i.e. just install Debian. ...
>Hey, wait, i just visited 
>I guess I got some idea. Ok, I will read the doc all over again and let you
>know the outcome. In any case, if you give me a hint, I'm using Multia +
>internal scsi harddisk + scsi cdrom (just for installation). I made a dos
>partition (8MB) on harddisk and put milo and cdhdtape, which did not help
>to boot the system (and the firmware is not capable of cdrom boot). I really
>appreciate if you give me any suggestion instead of sending another cdrom.
>Sorry for too much ranting.