Subject: Still trying to install on 3000/300
To: None <>
From: John Boccio <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/28/1999 11:25:09
I found an old HDS vt100 terminal.

Connected it to the serial port.

Try #1: Did not disconnect the regular keyboard/mouse

at ssc0 entry it started writing on the terminal.

However, typing on the terminal keyboard produces no response.

Try #2: disconnect the regular keyboard/mouse

get errors about no keyboard/mouse present and then a message
saying it is switching to the alternate console

some diagnostic stuff prints on the terminal

sc ?60  error message

terminal keyboard still does not communicate

I tried two different terminals.

I am using a standard HDS cable

pins 1-8,20,23 straight through.

It has been a long time since i fooled with Rs-232 cables....

Any help greatly appreciated.


John Boccio

>From: Paul Mather <>
>To: John Boccio <>
>Subject: Re: Beginner question on Install process

>The system has probably switched to the serial console at that point,
>because the framebuffer console is not supported on a 3000/300.  I have
>installed NetBSD/alpha 1.4 on my 3000/300 successfully, so I can give
>you hope that it can be done.  I used a serial console to do it.

>From: Ross Harvey <>
>Subject: Re: Beginner question on Install process

>> [ 3000 install appears to hang after scc0 probe ]

>You need to hook up a serial console and install from that.