Subject: RE: A few questions...? - A follow-up
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/27/1999 03:09:13
Ok, so I didn't read the page very well...  NetBSD/Alpha does not support the
axp150 yet...  I did make the bootable CD and it did boot off of that, and it 
actually told me that it "didn't support this model" yet (strangely, only the 
1st time booting, every time after that it just HALTed without ever giving me 
that message, even after a cold boot).

I also acquired from work a AlphaServer 400 4/166 system...  which it appears 
is also not supported yet.  As well as another axp150 (without the Adaptec 

Not sure if any of this info is useful to anyone working on a port, but the 
axp150 (Model# 2T-PB22A-BX) lists the following on POST (I left some things 
out if they just said "OK"):

    CPU     OK     EV4 P3.0 6.6ns
    MEM    OK     128MB
    NI         OK     08-00-2B-3F-B4-2A
    SCSI     OK

"show dev" shows:

    EZ0A     08-00-2B-3F-B4-2A
    FD0                                         (strangely this showed up as 
DVA0 before)
    DKA0      A/0/0     DISK       FX    RZ26L
    MKA200  A/2/0     TAPE      RM   TKZ10
    DKA400   A/4/0     RODISK  RM   RRD42
    HOST      A/7/0     PROC             AHA1742A

"show config" shows (EISA slots?):

1)  ISA          VGA     OK
2)  DEC4220  NI         OK
6)  ADP0002  SCSI     OK

On bootup off the CD I get:

NetBSD/Alpha 1.4.1 Secondary Boot Rev 1.10
(... creator name & creation date of kernel)

VMS PAL Rev:  0x100010530
OSF PAL Rev:  0x20123
Switch to OSF PAL succeeded.

Boot Flags:  0,0

Loading netbsd...
5479304+215328 [85]

?05  HLT Instruction
   PC=FFFFFC00.00300140       PSL=00000000.00000006

For the AlphaServer 400 4/166, "show dev" reports:

dka0.0.6.0          DKA0        RZ26L
dka100.    DKA100    RZ26L
dka400.    DKA400    RRD43
dva0.        DVA0
mka500.   MKA500    Tandenberg TDC 4200
ewa0.     EWA0       08-00-2B-E5-64-2A
pka0.        PKA0        SCSI Bus ID 7

"show config" shows:

SRM Console:     X3.9-1387
ARC Console:     4.1-22
PALcode:           VMS PALcode X5.48-87, OSF PALcode X1.35-57
Serial ROM:        V4.6
Diag ROM:          V1.1

    DECchip (tm)  21064-2   166Mhz  512Kb Cache

    128Meg of system memory
    Bank 0 = 32MB starting at 0x4000000
    Bank 1 = 32MB starting at 0x6000000
    Bank 3 = 64MB starting at 0x0

PCI bus
    Bus 00  Slot 6:    NCR 810 SCSI Controller
                              (SCSI device list follows)
    Bus 00  Slot 7:    Intel SIO 82378
    Bus 00  Slot 11:  Vendor: 5333  Device: 88C1
    Bus 00  Slot 12:  Digital DE435 Network Controller

    Slot 0
        Device     Name      Type           Enabled     BaseAddr     IRQ     
             0        MOUSE   embedded      Yes            60            12
             1        KBD        embedded       Yes           60              
             2        COM1      embedded       Yes           3F8            4
             3        COM2      embedded       Yes           2F8            3
             4        LPT1        embedded       Yes           3BC           7
             5        FLOPPY  embedded        Yes          3F0            6   

On bootup it shows:

    VMS PAL Rev:   0x1000000010530
    OSF PAL Rev:    0x1000000020123
    Switch to OSF PAL succeeded.

    And then continues as the axp150 did, loading NetBSD and halting at the
    exact same PC as it did under the axp150.

Anyways, if anyone out there would be willing to work on support for these two
systems, I would certainly be willing to test some kernels out.  Let me know 
any info you may need to work on it, and I'll poke around with the systems 
and try to find out for you...  or, if anyone can offer some suggestions on 
what to check and where the differences are likely to be, I'd be willing to 
setup a cross-compile environment and try to see what I can get working on my 

Pete   (hoping to get his Alpha's working under NetBSD).