Subject: A few questions... ??
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/26/1999 21:34:47
I recently aquired (getting tossed at work) an Alpha axp150 CPU & monitor, 
and was trying to get NetBSD booted on it (it has WindozeNT on it right 
now)...  I'm having some problems and was wondering:

1)  I switched to the right loader, but does it matter whether the OS_TYPE 
flag is set to OSF or VMS???

2)  I created the two floppies on my PC, and put the 1st one in the Alpha 
drive (it happens to be a 2.88M floppy drive).  It accesses the drive on a 
cold boot, and accesses it if I do a "SHOW DEV", and does show me the 
floppy... but if I try to do a "BOOT DVA0", I get an "84 FAIL" message (and 
the floppy never seems to get accessed, like its not even trying).  

SRM version is 1.6.  I'm downloading "Nero" as we speak, and I'm going to try 
and burn a CD of the "cdhd" image to see if I can boot it that way, but it 
would be nice to know I can floppy boot it.