Subject: machine check on 1.4
To: None <>
From: Kevin P. Neal <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/25/1999 13:08:41
I'm using the 1.4 release GENERIC kernel, and this morning (ok, fine,
afternoon) I got up to a crash. 

unexpected machine check

mces = 0x1
vector = 0x670
param = 0xfffffc0000006000
pc = 0x120005444
ra = 0x1200056d8
curproc = 0xfffffc00010d67b8

pid = 12646, comm = gzip

panic: machine check
Stopped in gzip at Debugger+0x4: ret zero,(ra)

(typed in by hand obviously)

When it dumped my SCSI chain crapped out (I've been sick all week, have
all the parts needed to upgrade, and haven't been able to) so I only got
about a third of the dump. That's not enough to get a backtrace out of

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