Subject: Re: Making a boot floppy
To: Andrew F. Seila <>
From: R. C. Dowdeswell <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/13/1999 20:13:27
I have a similar setup on my AS200, as it can only boot from its
narrow SCSI but I have all of the "interesting" drives on wide.
What I did was compile a custom kernel that has

config          netbsd  root on sd0 type ffs

(As well as wiring down all of my disks, the narrow scsi disk is
wired to the highest number...)

Creating the boot floppy, well...  I'd imagine that it is something

disklabel it, newfs it, then:
mount it to ${MOUNT_POINT}
cp /usr/mdec/boot to it
installboot -v ${MOUNT_POINT}/boot /usr/mdec/bootxx <the raw dev>

You can look in src/distrib/alpha to see how the install floppies
get created, although they do a lot more work than you really want
as all you need is a kernel with the config line above in it.

Watch out for Multia Heat Death Syndrome:
I just sort of heat sinked mine...

On 937277709 seconds since the Beginning of the UNIX epoch
"Andrew F. Seila" wrote:
>I have a multia with a floppy drive and an ide hard disk.  I have
>installed NetBSD-1.4.1 on the hard disk, but the system will
>not boot from the hard disk, so it seems that I have two choices:
>1.  Setup the system to netboot, or
>2.  Create a boot floppy and boot from the floppy.
>I would prefer the latter solution.  However, I can't figure out how to do
>it.  I can boot from the installation floppy, exit from sysinst and mount
>the root directory from my hard disk on partition wd0a on /mnt and the
>/usr directory on partition wd0d on /mnt/usr, so I have the entire
>directory tree on /mnt.  
>My question is:  Given this setup, how do I create a bootable floppy?  
>I would like to create a bootable floppy with a generic kernel first just
>to get things setup.  Then, I plan to compile a custom kernel.
>Thanks for your help.
>Andy Seila

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