Subject: Re: How to make a bootable Alpha CD?
To: None <,>
From: Ross Harvey <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/13/1999 10:53:53
> From:
> Anyone out there who could give me instructions on how to create a bootable 
> Alpha CD (I want to put 1.4.1 up on a pair of Alpha machines I just got)...  
> I have an external SCSI CD-R drive... Yamaha CDR-400 I believe internally.   
> I have a PC with Adaptec EZ-CD-Creator, or could move the CD-R to another 
> machine (my NetBSD PC?) if it would be easier.

The 1.4.1 distribution contains a boot file called cdhdtape. This is NOT
in cd9660 format, but it IS bootable from CD if you can write it as raw
bits to the CD starting at sector 0. It's obviously not a typical CD, just
a bootable image of an install kernel disk.

Adaptec EZ-CD-Creator can be problematic here. Some versions of it refuse
to write an image file to the CD, unless the image file was created by
the application or the image file happens to be a cd9660 image that it
understands. (I've tried making CD's under Windoze, it's really ugly.
I now make all my CD's under NetBSD.)

Other than by using the canned cdhdtape distribution image, we don't have
a way to make arbitrary things bootable except from an already running
netbsd/alpha system.

You can always just buy the $5 CD from Bob Nestor. (See the NetBSD/alpha
home page or the NetBSD CD distributions page.) If you install 1.4, you
can easily upgrade it to 1.4.1 via the network. I'm making 1.4.1 CD masters
now, so those should be available soon as well.