Subject: Re: most FreeBSD-like Linux
To: Michael Richardson <>
From: Mikhail Teterin <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/11/1999 21:00:25
Michael Richardson once stated:

=>>>>> "Mikhail" == Mikhail Teterin <> writes:
=    >> Why not use NetBSD or OpenBSD?
=    Mikhail> On  Alpha  they  all  have the  same  limitation  of  only
=    Mikhail> being bootable  from SRM.  Only Linux  can be  booted from
=    Mikhail> what's  called  "MILO", as  far  as  I understand  :(  See
=    Mikhail>
=  I tried Linux on an Alpha 266XL, which only comes with ARC. It failed
=miserably with  misaligned DMA  transfers. I was  not impressed,  so we
=returned the box and will buy an SRM capable box soon.

Mmm, Debian seems Ok so far on  this 300XL. I just rebuilt the kernel to
2.2.12 (the latest stable) and  am installing other "unstable" packages.
Things seem fine. No crashes. If I could return/replace it, I'd probably
do it, but I  can't -- this was, essentially, a freebe.  So I'm going to
make the best of it. Too bad, *BSD is not an option :(

I'd  suspect,  it would  not  be  impossible to  cook  up  a version  of
FreeBSD's boot/loader,  or even of a  kernel itself to be  bootable from
MILO, but it probably is not clean and/or "politicly correct".

Thanks for your input,