Subject: Weirdness on install...
To: <>
From: Stewart MacLund <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/07/1999 10:17:46
    Hello All.  This may in fact not be the correct forum for this
question.  Perusing the current articles, it seems a bit more in depth
than my question.  So, please guide me the correct way if i'm

    I have an Alpha DS-10 that i'm attempting to install NetBSD 1.4.1
on.  I've got the two bot up disks, and at the SRM prompt dutifully set
the os_type to UNIX, and console to graphics (which is the minimal i
need to do, as far as i know).  I then boot from the disks, and
everything seems to go fine, it loads the first disk, then asks for the
second, then seems to run the kernel successfully, but then mysteriously
re-boots itself, rather than loading the config utility.  I"ve upgraded
the bios to the latest.

    I have to admit that this is my first experience trying to install
NetBSD, though i've made many installs of FreeBSD, SolarisX86, OSF 4.0x,
etc etc.  I've never experienced anything like this.

    Does anyone have any idea what i'm doing wrong?  I'm fairly sure one
of two things is happening.  One:  I'm doing something wrong (most
likely) and Two: the DS-10 is too new and/or different in configuration
from the DS-20, which there seems to be a LOT of support for (eg, WinNT
has hardware support for the DS-20, but not the DS-10)

    Thanks in advance for any help...