Subject: Re: Ghostscript 5.50 pkg
To: None <,>
From: Ross Harvey <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/29/1999 18:15:06
> From: Paul Mather <>
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> Subject: Ghostscript 5.50 pkg
> I'm running a plain NetBSD/alpha 1.4 distribution on a DEC 3000/300LX. I
> successfully built the Ghostscript 5.50 package using the current
> pkgsrc.  However, when I run it on a PostScript file, it generates tons
> of unaligned access messages.  This also happened when I ran the
> pre-compiled binary of the same package.
> Does anyone have a version of this package that doesn't generate the
> unaligned access messages?  I've built Ghostscript 5.10 under Digital
> Unix 4.0D, and that runs without a peep out of it.
> Tips/help gratefully received.

This means that Ghostscript is interchanging objects of different types in
illegal and sleazy ways, or, it is making unportable assumptions about the
sizes of data arguments.

It is certainly doing the exact same thing on DU; but DU is just silent
about it.

Both DU and NetBSD fix up the unaligned loads and stores in the respective
kernels, and both then continue the program as if the operation had worked
in hardware.

You can turn off the messages (as root) by doing:

	sysctl -w machdep.unaligned_print=0

(Ghostscript works OK for me...)