Subject: Re: compiling mod-ssl on 1.4 alpha
To: Kevin <>
From: Joao Pedras <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/29/1999 17:09:02
Hello Kevin,

yes, it is version 0.9.2b that stops with this error.

Yesterday I tried to build apache+modssl on my own (version 0.9.3) and it
didn't wen quite well. When I got to the part of "make test" during 0.9.3
install procedure, the machine kept the tests running for almost 2 hours, using
all processor resources. I insisted with the install and it did the same thing
during key generation.

Hope the new port fixes this.
Hope he gets here soon eheh : )


On 29-May-99 Kevin wrote:
> At 06:14 AM 5/29/99 , Joao Pedras wrote:
>>Hello all!
>>I'm trying to make the ap-ssl using the port. Version is 2.2.8-1.3.6.
>>NetBSD's version is 1.4 and it is running on a DEC3000. I'm using it with
> What version of Openssl was it compiling?  Anything older then the April 
> snapshots of 0.9.3 has always failed to compile on my 3000/300.  I'd wait 
> until the 0.9.3 port is finished.  Looks like they are halfway into it 
> now.  The Makefile is updated, but the md5 file and patches refrence 
> openssl-0.9.2b.
> ---
> Kevin

Sent on 29-May-99 at 17:05:18
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