Subject: How to install netBSD on DEC3000 300LX without diskett device.
To: '' <>
From: Rosbach, Hans A. <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/27/1999 10:30:41

I (and a couple of lucky colleagues) have just inherited a dec3000, but
comes without diskett device.  Some of us want to run VMS, and using
a borowed cd-reader we have installed that.  (With the new lisence,
that is a legal option.  Unix is not.)  I would like to install NetBSD.
least initially that will be as a dual boot.  I think at least one more
of us
want that.  

Have anyone on this list managed to use VMS to create the boot-disk for
NetBSD?  In that case I would be grateful for some pointers.

Hans Rosbach