Subject: RAM for DEC 3000/300LX
To: None <>
From: Paul Mather <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/26/1999 13:09:56
I recently bought a DEC 3000/300LX from a local surplus auction.  It is
completely stripped.  I just tested it using some RAM borrowed from
another 3000/300, and, apart from problems with the onboard framebuffer,
it works.  Now, I'd like to put NetBSD/alpha on it, to complement the
NetBSD/pmax on my DECstation 3100.

Can someone tell me what kind of SIMMs can be fitted to a DEC
3000/300LX?  I know it accepts either 8 or 32 MB 72-pin SIMMs, in pairs,
but will "industry standard" SIMMs work with it, or do you need to use
DEC proprietary modules (MS16-BA?).  Can someone give me an exact
specification (speed, parity, size, EDO/ECC/whatever) that I can use to
go hunt down the best price from a bulk RAM vendor?  (I can't afford DEC
memory; the DEC 3000/300LX itself only cost me $12.50, so I don't want
the RAM to break the bank!!)

Any help is gratefully appreciated.



PS: I think some of the framebuffer RAM is bad, as I get vertical
"stripes" messing up the display.  Should I be worried about this?  
AFAIK, NetBSD/alpha on DEC 3000 doesn't support the keyboard, mouse, or
framebuffer, so I would be using the machine "headless" anyway.  The
framebuffer is the only system that fails the power-on diagnostics
("test cxt" fails).


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